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6 Rights You Have Regarding Medical Bills In Collections

If you are confronting the circumstances of medical bills in collections or soon it is going to be, just because you haven’t paid the bills, then the medical collection agency will contact you and try to get the payment. But sometimes, these agencies exceed their boundaries and use aggressive methods to reach a patient. If your agency does the same or your bill is expected to proceed in the collection, you have 6 significant rights that you can utilize to restrict debt collection agencies hunt you.

What Happens When Hospitals Deliver Medical Bills In Collections?

When you take medical service from a hospital, they will send a bill that you have to pay under a specific deadline. Even if your services are covered by insurance plans, there are some charges named as co-payments and deductibles that you owe. Oftentimes, these charges are more than you estimated, so you can’t pay them.

So what happens when you don’t pay medical bills on time? The hospital will charge late fees on the bill. Still, if the bill is not paid, they give you the last warning, after which your case is transferred to a medical debt collection agency. These agencies use your personal information to reach you and attempt all means to get the payment.

One must remember that these agencies have the right to file a case in court if the payment isn’t made. They can even seize your bank account or property to force you to pay.

Steps To Take After Medical Bill Goes To Collection

This is an accepted fact that in the end, you have to pay the bill, either at the time of getting medical treatment or when medical bills in collections. But when you are incapable to pay the bills upfront, they will go to collection agencies. However, there are some steps that you can follow after when your bill is handed over to an agency:

  1. Ask For Payment Plans

Many debt agencies open communication for the patients to ask for payment plans. That helps them reduce their burden and pay the debt easily. One of these payment plans is debt settlement, in which collection agencies settle for a low debt amount but it can have some negative impacts as well. Such as, it can adversely affect your credit score which may limit your chances of getting big future loans.

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  1. Credit Report

A debt balance over $500 is mentioned in the credit report and stays until the amount is fully paid. If you are lucky enough to pay a full debt or maintain the amount under $500, the first thing your collection agency will do is inform the credit reporting company to mark your debt as paid. 

You must make sure this step has been done by the agency.

  1. Dispute Medical Bills

If there’s any inaccurate information in your medical bills in collections, dispute the bill. You always have the right to dispute your medical bills in order to avoid being the victim of an error or scam. Contact the debt collection agency and hospital to verify the authenticity of medical bills in collections. You can also contact your insurance payer to get information about the amount they paid and the charges left to be paid by you. 

6 Rights You Have When Medical Bill Goes To Collections

When it comes to medical bills in collections, you have the following 6 rights:

  1. No Surprise Act

Your hospital is obliged to provide you with an estimate of what your medical charges will be when you visit them before treatment. This rule is valid even when you have insurance coverage. However, if the hospital doesn’t provide you with the details of the expected cost, you can have the opportunity to dispute those bills that cost more than $400.

  1. Financial Assistance

Nonprofit hospitals are required to offer you a payment plan to assist you in paying the bill if you are incapable of it. This can be a huge relief and help you lessen the payment burden. You also have the option to ask other local services and programs to help you with settling medical bills in collections.

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    1. Limits Of Collection Agencies

    If a collection agency has approached you and constantly forcing you to pay a medical bill, you must make sure the bill is accurate. Verify the bill, and ask for the verification factors. You can also contact the hospital and insurance payer to further check the validity of medical bills in collections. Since debt collection agencies can only contact you for the amount you owe, any incorrect charges may be disputed.

    But if you are verified as the owner of medical bills in collections, then these agencies will pursue you and try a number of approaches to make you pay the debt. In that case, they are bound to be within their limits and follow the laws. These agencies can’t use deceptive and threatening methods to contact you. Besides, collection agencies can’t disclose your unpaid bill information in front of your relatives and friends without your permission.

    1. Contacting Credit Report Companies

    Debt collection agencies in every case must contact you first to get the payment. They can’t directly contact the credit reporting companies without approaching you.

      Never trust agencies that ask you to keep the debt payment details out of credit reports, as all of the information must be mentioned in the report to maintain the records of paid debt or the left amount. Additionally, don’t trust someone if they claim to pay off your medical bills in collections or resolve the debt in return for fees. 

      1. Submitting Complaints

      If you encounter suspicious activities from the debt collection agencies or any error in medical bills in collections, you can submit complaints about the agency or bill to your hospital. The hospital’s help desk will clarify your confusion regarding medical bills and help in every possible way to make the payment process uncomplicated for you.


      Despite getting your medical treatments covered by insurance plans, you have to make some payments that you should be aware of in advance. Estimating the medical costs by reading a bill may also help you expect the amount you’ll have to spend. 

      However, sometimes financial conditions don’t permit you to make the payments on time, in that case, medical bills in collections may further hurt you and your credit score. To avoid serious wealth and reputation loss, use these 6 rights throughout the case to lighten up the seriousness of the matter.

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