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Top Ranked Physician Credentialing Companies To Know

Healthcare is an expensive industry for both patients and providers. Patients only have to pay the bill but a provider has to ensure compliance with every medical service and billing aspect. Another thing that takes time is to make sure the staff of a healthcare facility or a provider itself is qualified so that they comply with healthcare regulations. Since this process is time-consuming, having some physician credentialing companies by your side can make the process efficient.

Instead of diverting your mind from patient care to credentialing, it is a good practice to rely on outsourcing. It helps you save extra costs on useless credentialing processes, get applications approved for new providers, and receive quick responses to your requests. 

Here we will tell you some of the top physician credentialing companies you should rely on so that you can decide which one to partner with. Stay tuned to comply with healthcare laws at minimal manual and financial resources.

Understanding Physician Credentialing


A healthcare facility or a physician needs to build trust first in order to receive patients. So it is a universal rule that before providing treatments, physicians must need proper permission. Healthcare facility where you want to work and insurance companies, both accept requests from new as well as experienced providers. 

After receiving the request, they review your application and supporting documents and decide whether to permit you or not. So it is quite a lengthy process that needs some information like a credentialing checklist to know. This checklist is a group of credentials and documents you have to provide to the respective departments.

Since not all physicians have this knowledge of the list, hiring some physician credentialing companies is the key here. 

Reliable Physician Credentialing Companies

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When you know the importance of compliant credentialing, you rely on external sources for this. We request you to not get into the trap of third-class firms that guarantee you to get credentialed. No one can give a 100% surety that your request will be accepted on the first try. So if a company does so, avoid them in the first place.

To protect your money and time, here are some physician credentialing companies along with the basic information you need. Consult them without worries.

  1. IntelliCentrics

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Top Services: 

  • Physician credentialing
  • Enrollment
  • Privileging
  • Ongoing verification

IntelliCentrics leads the list of credentialing companies because of their tech-focused services. They have a special system “SEC³URE Passport” that enables digital credential management. This means you can view your request status electronically, making the process efficient and protecting your crucial data.

  1. The Credentialing Alliance (TCA)

Location: Across the United States

Top Services: 

  • Primary source verification
  • Enrollment with payers
  • Ongoing monitoring of physician licenses

TCA specializes in customer-centric credentialing. Judging thoroughly the needs of their clients, they offer a customized solution that makes your credentialing personalized. This results in a positive response from payers on your request and your application will be accepted soon.

Want to Know More About Credentialing?

  1. Ca Credentialing

Location: California

Top Services: 

  • Physician credentialing
  • Insurance enrollment
  • Practice start-up assistance

Ca credentialing has a limited offering to the physicians and providers of California only. They are a state-focused addition to physician credentialing companies. You can consider them as an ideal and safe firm that is aware of the latest state laws and regulations. So if you live in California, Ca credentialing should be your first stop.

  1. Physicians Credentialing Services (PCS)

Location: United States

Top Services: 

  • Primary source verification
  • Payer enrollment
  • Ongoing physician license monitoring

PCS offers specific services for all types of healthcare facilities to credentialize their staff. Their credentialing process truly complies with regulatory requirements and accreditation requirements. PCS is like a life-savior for hospitals and clinics.

Credentialing Services These Companies Provide

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Knowing physician credentialing companies is just the first step in the credentialing process. The next is to find out what offerings these companies have so that you can choose the one that suits your occupation. Let us mention some of the top services they provide:

Medicare And Medicaid Enrollment

For physicians interested in billing Medicare and Medicaid agencies, you need credentialing before beginning your treatments. So these companies can assist you in completing the applications according to Medicare and Medicaid requirements. This help will get your forms approved quickly.

Insurance Credentialing

Insurance companies also check the credibility of a healthcare provider. They need to make sure they are paying the right physician. Take help from credentialing firms and be eligible to bill insurance providers.

NPI Registration (I and II)

NPI number is a must requirement for billing and filing claims. As a physician, you must get this identification number and these companies can just help you do that.

Hospital Partnership

Most of the time physicians provide their services individually. But if you want to get affiliated with any hospital, you can consult physician credentialing companies. Their assistance will make you a partner of any hospital, increasing your scope of work and career advancement.

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    Insurance Contracts

    Besides basic credentialing requests, they also conduct informed negotiations with insurance companies to get you favorable payment terms and maximized reimbursement rates.


    Since credentialing is not a one-time process, credentialing firms renew your credentialing contract before it expires. This update enables you to comply with healthcare laws and your continual of healthcare services without getting in trouble.

    Physician State License

    Physician credentialing companies also help you receive state licenses to fulfill the criteria of specific facilities and comply with the specific rules.

    Credentialing Essentials

    As a healthcare physician or someone owning a facility, knowing top-rated physician credentialing companies is essential. You can’t just keep providing your services without proving your qualifications. 

    So if you want to stay compliant and avoid future troubles, conduct credentialing now. Utilize these firms’ offerings and reduce the burden of fulfilling regulations.