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How To Find CPT Code Lookup Free And Steps To Use It?

If you are a medical coder or someone who wants to discover the latest codes updated by AMA, CPT code lookup is the best tool for you.

This lookup helps you find codes quickly when you work as a medical coder. Even if you forget about any code or you have a doubt, it will remind you about accurate codes. So what is this lookup actually?

The Internet has given you access to a lot of valuable tools. You can find any information within minutes. You don’t have to waste your time on lengthy processes. You can just go to Google and find whatever you want.

In the field of healthcare, for medical coders, google too possesses a wealth of information. In this treasure of wealth, what seems diamond for a coder is CPT codes.

But they always struggle to remember these codes due to frequent updates done by AMA.

Here, CPT code lookup serves as a guide for them. These are the tools provided by some websites that help you find codes instantly. Want to know what these sites are?

So today, you are going to see about some of the accurate sites that offer code lookups. We will also teach you to use these tools and make your work easier. 

So let’s get to the main point that is gonna change forever how you perform medical coding.

Websites That Offer CPT Code Lookup Tools

Signs of an Authentic Lookup Site

As a medical coder, you must always be prepared to create any claim application and add all accurate codes.

But how exactly are you going to make it possible when there are hundreds of codes with many new ones coming up every day? Some website that offers CPT code lookup is the answer.

Here we are going to tell you some online resources that you can access right now and look for the code you want.

  1. American Medical Association (AMA)

AMA is the founder of the codes and thus their site contains the most essential, valuable, and accurate information about CPT and other codes.

Not only codes but their precise details as well. So here you will find CPT code lookup too and get access to the related resources. This website should be your priority when it comes to learning anything about CPT codes.

  1. Find-A-Code

Find-A-Code is another great website that provides interesting information about medical coding and billing. For checking out code lookup, you can use this site as well.

Every information you find on this website is authentic, so ensure you are getting the right information.

  1. Super Coder

As the name suggests, this website has done exceptional work in the field of medical coding. Besides CPT code lookup, you will find other great tools on this website like medical coding books and informational coding newsletters.

Here is a thorough overview of all these sites:

FeatureAMA CPT LookupFind-A-CodeSuper CoderCodingbooks.com3M Code Finder
Official Code UpdatesYesNoNoNoNo
User-Friendly InterfaceYesYesYesYesYes
Detailed Code DescriptionsYesYesYesYesYes
Free AccessLimitedLimitedFree TrialNoFree Demo
Subscription RequiredYesYesYesYesYes

This website is specifically created to offer different coding books to master in this complex area of healthcare. You can also look for all types of CPT codes on these sites. 

Codingbooks offer many software and tools in medical coding. So you get a whole package when you visit this site.

  1. 3M Code Finder Software

This is the last option on our list. Besides other useful resources, you can use this site as well to find out CPT codes to use accurately in a medical bill.

How To Use A Site To Find Out CPT Codes?

Search Engines Where Code Lookup Can Be Found

So now you have a toolkit of websites that you can use to strengthen your CPT code memory, still, some people face confusion about where to start.

Even a simple interphase seems confusing when it comes to finding information on a site. So here we have listed step by step guides to use a free CPT code lookup site and find out specific codes.

Open Browser

If you are up to finding a CPT code, first you will need a mobile or laptop. Then open your browser and make sure you are signed in.

Signing in will help you sync your browser so that you won’t miss out on the work you have done and you can continue from where you left.

Visit The Sites

Now head towards one of the sites we have mentioned. Write the correct site’s name in the browser and choose the option that you are sure is the actual site.

Some sites ask for a login, so it is a great idea to create a strong password and stay logged in to avoid repetitive information submissions.

Access The Tool

Once you are on the site, thoroughly navigate through its interphase and find out the CPT code lookup. Most of the sites visible their CPT tool on their website pages.

But if you can’t find the search bar, go to the browser again, and write “CPT Code Lookup Tool” after the site’s name. This way you will find the exact link of the page where the tool is present.

Want to Become a Medical Coder?

Enter Keywords Or Description

Now you have reached the tool and have any code in mind to find out about, you can either enter the keyword which medical service that code represents or a description of the medical service attached to that code. 

I.e you can type “Appendectomy” or “MRI of the Brain” in the search bar to find the associated code with this medical condition. It makes your work easier.

As you already know, the medical treatment name is mentioned in the patient’s documents, just enter that in the tool and find out relevant code. Simple!

Review Search Results

After entering your query, you will see multiple options along with respective descriptions. Carefully read all of them and choose one that accurately defines the medical condition you are searching for in the CPT code.

Additional Information

Some websites provide additional resources along with code like modifiers and fee schedules. So it’s a great idea to check out these details and make your bill more comprehensive.

This way insurance payers will find your bill accurate and easy to understand and there will be no chance they deny the claim.

Remember, accurate coding is equal to complete reimbursement.

Take Notes

If you repetitively work on a certain code, it is a good idea to bookmark that page or copy that code in a notepad. It will save you further time and help you fill claim applications with more efficiency.

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    Ensure Peace Of Mind

    Finding out medical codes has never been so easy before CPT code lookup tools. So here we have provided an A-Z guide on searching for accurate codes along with the steps you should take.

    No matter how professional you are, always keep this tool in hand and re-check your codes. Any mistake might create a huge problem, so review the bill or claim application before sending it out. 

    Follow these best practices to make the most out of lookup tool:

    Best PracticeDescription
    Regularly Check for UpdatesAlways use the latest version of the CPT code lookup tool to ensure accuracy
    Use Detailed KeywordsBe specific with your search terms to find the most accurate codes
    Verify with Multiple SourcesCross-reference results with other tools and official guidelines
    Document Search HistoryKeep a record of your searches for future reference and verification
    Stay Informed on Coding ChangesKeep up with changes in coding standards and guidelines

    Overall, these tools are here to protect you from many troubles and provide you with the maximum results of your efforts. So make this tool your permanent friend.