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How Much Does Medical Billing And Coding Make By State in US.

The medical industry produces hundreds of interesting and high-paying job opportunities. One of them is medical billing and coding, which is a vast domain itself. For those who have an interest in medicine and want to earn handsome pay associated with this industry, billing and coding is a wonderful job. But first up, you must know the average salary you can make in this career. So how much does medical billing and coding make?

We know a lot of people reading this belong to the United States. Having an average job salary doesn’t seem to be accurate. So here we have come up with this detailed guide in which we will tell you the standard salary of each state. This will help you know the rates of your state salary for medical coding and billing and you can better decide which career to pick.

Understanding Medical Billing And Coding

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In order to find out how much does medical billing and coding make, you must know the responsibilities you have to perform in these roles. Billing and coding is a separate field in itself, but they are closely related. Billing involves keeping patient health services records, it lays the foundation for medical coding which transfers these treatments into codes. In other words, one is incomplete without the other. Let’s have a look at the common duties they conduct.

Medical Biller:

  • To precisely ascertain the services rendered, examine the patient’s medical records.
  • File claims with insurance providers in order to get paid back.
  • Investigate unpaid claims and settle billing disputes.
  • Ask patients questions about their bills and make arrangements for payment.
  • Observe healthcare regulations and protect patient privacy.

Medical Coder:

  • Give patient records the proper diagnostic and procedural codes.
  • Verify accuracy and adherence to rules and guidelines for coding.
  • Examine medical records to find pertinent data that needs to be coded.
  • Work together with healthcare providers to address any coding-related concerns and provide clear documentation.
  • Use coding software or electronic health records (EHR) to enter coded data.
  • Take part in quality assurance procedures and coding audits.
  • Keep abreast of changes to industry trends and coding guidelines.

Know the Reality of this Career

State-Wise Average Salary Analysis

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Those who think the average salary of a country is just enough to analyze the value of the role, in reality, each state has its own rules. A number of factors influence the salary rate of a certain area so it is essential to know how much does medical billing and coding make by state. Here are all the states of the United States mentioned along with average yearly salary and pay per hour, have a look at these:

California$87,420$, Indeed
Texas$78,530$37.75Bureau of Labor Statistics,
New York$83,240$40.02Bureau of Labor Statistics, ZipRecruiter
Pennsylvania$75,890$36.49Bureau of Labor Statistics, ZipRecruiter
Illinois$74,370$, ZipRecruiter
Ohio$73,920$35.54Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed
Georgia$72,560$34.88Indeed, ZipRecruiter
North Carolina$71,950$34.59Bureau of Labor Statistics,
New Jersey$71,790$34.51Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed
Virginia$71,430$, ZipRecruiter
Massachusetts$71,380$34.32Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Indiana$70,950$34.11Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Washington$70,810$34.04Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Arizona$70,790$, ZipRecruiter
Tennessee$70,420$33.86Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Missouri$69,980$33.64Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Maryland$69,870$33.59Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Wisconsin$69,740$33.53Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Additional States:
Minnesota$69,690$, ZipRecruiter
Alabama$69,640$33.48Indeed, ZipRecruiter
South Carolina$69,570$33.44Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Louisiana$69,490$33.40Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Colorado$69,420$33.36Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Iowa$69,370$33.32Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Oklahoma$69,350$33.30Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Kentucky$69,300$33.27Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Kansas$69,250$33.23Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Oregon$69,210$33.19Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Nevada$69,180$, ZipRecruiter
Connecticut$69,120$33.12Bureau of Labor Statistics,
West Virginia$69,080$33.09Indeed, ZipRecruiter
New Mexico$69,040$33.07Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Utah$69,010$33.05Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Maine$68,960$33.01Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Rhode Island$68,920$32.99Indeed, ZipRecruiter
Mississippi$68,870$32.96Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Delaware$68,830$32.94Indeed, ZipRecruiter

Factors Influencing Salary

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No one can provide an accurate answer of how much does medical billing and coding make, but an estimate can be proved helpful. However, many factors impact the salary you are going to earn in each state. Where one state might offer more salary for a coding/billing role, you won’t find this salary package in the other state. So let’s see what are these factors.


The geographical location of the healthcare facility is the biggest factor that decides the pay of a medical billing and coding job role. The difference between rural and urban areas also contributes to whether a good package will be offered or not.


Your professional experience matters a lot when it comes to the job market. If you are an intern or a beginner, then you will be offered a lower salary than what we mentioned. As an intermediate, these salary rates would go just fine with your package. But if you have more work experience, then you may have a chance to secure more pay than our listed packages. Employers pay close attention to how many healthcare facilities you have been associated with.

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    Education And Certification

    This is another crucial factor that employers take into consideration when offering you a salary. Your study, billing and coding courses, certification, and skills are judged. Holding high credibility certificates can lead you to high-paying positions. So keep your skills and education as advanced as possible.

    Job Roles

    This average salary is for the basic duties of a medical biller or coder. The precise answer of how much does medical billing and coding make can be extracted from the fact that, the more the responsibilities, the more the pay. 

    Additional Skills

    Today, one who can bring a lot to the table has the highest potential to earn a handsome salary. When we talk about medical billing and coding, if you have various and up-to-date soft as well as hard skills, you will be offered more salary than others, especially if you are aware of the latest RCM trends, coding updates, and industrial rules and regulations.

    How Much Does Medical Billing And Coding Make?

    To conclude how much does medical billing and coding make, we advise you to read this guide thoroughly to have an idea. So before stepping into your career, find out its earning potential, and medical coding and billing have more than that to offer. 

    With excellent payment, you will earn benefits like job rotation, work-from-home opportunities, learning chances, flexible timings, and many other perks. Learn coding/billing now and become such a candidate that employers don’t offer their pay, instead, they ask your expected salary. 

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