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What Is The Description Of The CPT 81528 Code?

Are you a healthcare professional or a beginner trying to get associated with medical billing? Then you’ll have to go through a number of processes to be eligible to provide medical coding services. One of the most important yet difficult practices you’ll encounter when grasping medical billing is memorizing the CPT codes. There are hundreds of CPT codes, with each catering to a specific health service i.e CPT 81528 specifies Multianalyte Assays medical services. Though you don’t have to remember this all, you must still have an idea about which medical service lies under which code group.

In order to provide accurate coding services, you must create medical bills with proper charges. As the billing accuracy will decide whether reimbursement will be made or not. Any mistake in the code may result in a claim denial, that may damage your healthcare facility’s earning potential. 

With that being said, many new professional coders face severe confusion to identify codes for specific services, one of them is CPT 81528. Today we will explain the CPT 81528 code and you’ll know what medical services this code serves. But let’s first have a look at the coding system and how it works.

What Are CPT Codes?

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The term CPT codes stand for Current Procedural Terminology codes, and the system is under the authority of the American Medical Association (AMA). 

In the early days, there had been a lot of confusion among health practices regarding medical bills. There was no proper system to mention service charges in bills and get the payment, as a result, many hospitals faced severe revenue decline. Then a system called CPT codes is introduced, that streamlined the hospital billing process.

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    Now, almost all of the hospitals in the US. use CPT codes in their bills and get their payments efficiently. For the same reason, AMA has created a panel that is responsible for conducting regular audits and identifying code trends. Most of their work involves the creation, deletion, and management of CPT codes. 

    How Are CPT Codes Used In Medical Bills?

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    Using CPT 81528 and other codes in a bill is part of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process. The procedure starts when a patient registers in the hospital system to get health treatment. In terms of a patient having insurance coverage, when the medical operations are completed, hospital staff prepares a claim application. 

    The application contains a detailed description of the health services along with their respective codes and then the claim is sent to the insurance payer. After getting the reimbursement, the staff creates and sends a medical bill to the patient, which the patient is required to pay under a specific deadline. 

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    As you see proper code is crucial to help insurance payers understand health services, you must understand which code to use and at what time. Besides CPT codes, 2 other codes are also used in the bill, which as a whole illustrates the medical procedures.

    • CPT codes: What services were given to the patient?
    • HCPCS codes: What equipment was used during the treatment?
    • ICD-10-CM: Explanation of why a treatment was given?

    CPT 81528 Code: What Does It Mean?

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    In simple words, CPT 81528 covers medical procedures of Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analysis. To elaborate on it further, read its description.  


    This code defines a certain medical procedure, that involves a patient’s stool examination. The lab examiners take the sample and perform different analyses on the stool, including hemoglobin tests. Examiners then screen the stool and perform colon cancer tests. 


    In this article, we defined the CPT 81528 code and what services it covers. Now it’s your turn to remember these codes and use them in an accurate way in medical bills. Not only this code, but you should also spend some time memorizing other codes as well. So that you can use every code for the right service and strengthen your career in medical coding.

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