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How Does ChatGPT In Medical Coding Help Hospitals?

AI after its advancements has come to many industries and made human tasks simpler. Talking about big industries, the healthcare industry has also experienced a rise in AI implementation. One of these areas is medical coding. Yes, you heard it right. Chatgpt in medical coding is now a real thing and is used extensively by coders and billers.

If you are new to the RCM profession, knowing how to use a chatbot can help you stay updated in your career and make the most out of your efforts. It simplifies coding tasks and reduces manual errors. So today we will explore how exactly chatbot helps in coding.

Basic Tasks Chatgpt Can Do In Medical Coding

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Now if you want to use chatpgt in medical coding, you must know what tasks you can use this software for. As you know gpt can generate anything in response to your command, it can be utilized to perform the following main tasks under medical coding:

  1. Code Generation

This is the very basic and most common purpose you will use gpt for. No matter how many hospital bills you have in hand, based on the information you will provide to gpt, it will generate an accurate code to help you make a claim application. 

  1. Coding Assistance

Similar to the generation of codes, you can ensure accurate coding by using chatgpt in medical coding. This is specifically helpful when you are in doubt regarding any code you mentioned in the bill. So gpt will answer whether you used the right code or not.

  1. Code Review

Even after writing code by yourself with the help of chatgpt, you can provide the tool with the code you have in the application so that it can confirm its accuracy and identify any mistakes you have made. In short, it will point out your errors that can save claim denials.

  1. Handling Repetitive Tasks

Since gpt saves its chats, you can get rid of repetitive activities like query sending or generating coding for the same medical services. You can even use the same prompts, and after modifying you get an accurate answer with minimal output, saving time and effort. It’s like a robot assistant, at your service all the time.

  1. ICD-10 Suggestions

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to write medical code for a rare or less-known medical treatment, then you must use gpt here. Because this is a trained chatbot, it knows what code to assign to which health treatment that human brains are unable to remember. So whenever you are stuck in such a situation, make gpt your aid.

Not only in rare cases but for routine uses as well, you can ask chatgpt which code will be better to use in a bill. So that you prepare all your claims without an error.

Learn more About AI Abilities in RCM

  1. Coding Updates

The world of the internet is like a sea, containing a bulk of information in itself. You don’t know when a certain medical coding guideline comes up or any law is put into practice. Lacking this information makes your coding outdated and inactive, resulting in claim denials. 

So you can ask chatgpt in medical coding about the latest updates in your coding area, what new codes have come up, what codes have been deleted, and such. You now know about all codes and don’t even have to remember that. Isn’t it good?

  1. Code Abbreviation Expansion

Suppose you have been handed over an incomplete claim application with some code already mentioned and you are required to finish that, what would you do if you don’t know what that code is about? Simple, you will use chatgpt in medical coding to find out the full form of the abbreviation. It will help you know whether the codes you are confused about stand for that or not.

Similarly, gpt will solve complex code queries. If you are stuck in a complicated code scenario, just ask gpt. It will provide accurate code along with the explanation.

Chatgpt vs. Human Coders

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Though artificial intelligence has proven to be very efficient in completing coding-based activities, there are some concerns over its excessive use. We can’t totally rely on chatbots for crucial hospital coding tasks. 

With this much assistance provided by gpt, you still need some manual interference to ensure codes are assigned properly. Chatbots do provide accurate codes, but sometimes due to any inconvenience in the backend or the tool, AI can generate misleading information that could harm your ability to secure more reimbursement. 

Also, only chatgpt won’t be able to execute the entire coding process. AI won’t send out bills and keep a record of claim applications so you still need some staff or a coder to make sure these transferring duties are performed and with proper management. AI isn’t answerable to what they do. But when a human works on something, they are not only accountable but also responsible. 

Overall, we should not waste our time comparing AI chatbots with humans, since each has its own perks. Instead, we should use a mix of both these resources. Ideally, we should not totally rely on AI. We can use chatgpt in medical coding just to ensure accurate coding, not to conduct the whole RCM process through AI tools.

This mix keeps all the tasks in place, with the accuracy of AI and manual review of the entire coding.

Challenges Faced When Using Chatgpt In Medical Coding

Every task you perform has a sort of uncertainty as well. This means you can face certain challenges when using chatgpt in medical coding. Let’s explore what these challenges are and how you can tackle each.

Data Privacy And Protection

Every information you share on the internet is at risk, even through AI. Using chatbots can sometimes cause problems for you, as they may store some crucial information and in the case of unprofessional AI tools, your information could be sold to some people. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to leak your patients’ data so use a safe browser for chatgpt in medical coding conversation. Also, make sure to delete the chat history if you have shared some critical patient information.


One thing AI chatbots need before starting proper work is training. They should be trained well to provide accurate and desired answers. Spend proper time training these chatbots and make them proficient in whatever you ask.

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    Complex Terminologies

    Chatgpt may struggle to understand some complex terminologies that you might have learned in a medical coding course or applied in your industry. So make sure to provide proper studying material and references about a certain term before generating code. This should be done in the training stage.

    Resistant To Change

    GPT is being updated continuously. With every update, your tasks can be performed in an easier way and you can execute medical coding proficiently. It will save you valuable time. But sometimes these updates can become confusing at the start. So make sure you study every update in detail and learn a way to perform coding using that change.

    2023’s Must-Have Skill

    Now that you have seen the useful implementation of chatgpt in medical coding, step into the learning process and grasp your hand on this tool. Not only chatgpt, but there are hundreds of chatbots on the internet like Bard, skype, open AI, etc. So in 2023, make sure you are well-proficient in using these tools. Without it, you won’t be able to secure a high-paying job or excel in your career.

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