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6 ASC Billing Services for Busy Physicians in The US

Generating revenue is not a child’s play. You have to put in effort, time, resources, and sometimes finances as well to get something in return. This job becomes more challenging especially when you are working as an ASC physician. This facility treats patients on the same day when they are admitted, so there is a constant pressure of prompt medical treatments and discharging the patients. ASC billing services are here to save the day.

With a busy day in the center, you won’t get time to review your claims and ensure all patients are billed accurately. This results in a revenue leakage due to ignoring weak points. So hiring an ASC billing company will reduce your burden.

All you have to do is focus on patient care. Your billing and coding will be managed by outside staff which will get you the revenue you might be losing before getting any help. 

Without further ado, let’s explore some reliable options to outsource your billing if your ASC facility is based in the US. Have a look at the specifications of these ASC billing companies and choose one that meets your requirements.

  1. McKesson

Location: Irving, Texas, USA

Working since: 1833

Revenue Generated: $276 billion

Staff: 51,000

ambulatory services


Diversified Healthcare Leader: McKesson doesn’t just concentrate on ambulatory billing. They function as a leading provider of diversified healthcare services.

Pharmaceutical Distribution: They supply a sizable amount of the drugs used in North America and are a prominent distributor of pharmaceuticals in that region.

Technology Solutions: McKesson offers practice management systems and electronic health records (EHR) as well as other technologies to healthcare providers.

Medical Supplies and Equipment: They provide healthcare facilities with the necessary medical supplies and equipment.


McKesson is a major player in the US healthcare market. They offer a wide range of ASC billing services that cover different facets of healthcare delivery. 

McKesson wants to be a one-stop shop for healthcare providers, providing everything from technology solutions and care management tools to pharmaceutical distribution and medical supplies. 

They look at the whole healthcare system, not just billing, with the goal of increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

  1. Invensis

Working since: 2000


  • Experienced Billers: Invensis offers a qualified medical billing staff that has expertise in medical coding, insurance rules, and provider billing.
  • Technology-Driven: They place a strong emphasis on automating crucial ambulatory billing processes using cutting-edge tools to reduce errors and streamline procedures.
  • Compliance Focus: To guarantee accurate and compliant billing, Invensis makes sure that HIPAA standards are followed and that it keeps up with industry developments.
  • Standardized Processes: To ensure that all patient information is submitted accurately and completely, they concentrate on standardizing billing practices.


Invensis provides expert ASC billing services to US healthcare practices. They have a team of trained medical billing professionals and a wealth of knowledge, having been in business for more than 24 years. 

Invensis uses technology to reduce billing and coding errors. It also helps automate procedures all the while adhering to HIPAA and other legal requirements. 

Their goal is to increase collections for their physicians by streamlining workflows and focusing on the full revenue cycle management for ASCs, rather than just billing.

  1. ZirMed

Experience: 5+ years

ASC billing company


  • Cloud-Based Platform: ZirMed provides a software platform that is web-based. It allows access from any location. This means you don’t have to waste time on local installations.
  • Financial & Clinical Focus: Their software covers ASCs’ financial and clinical performance management in addition to medical billing.
  • Revenue Optimization: Features like charge integrity, AR management, and patient access maximize revenue generation.
  • Population Health Management: By including capabilities for population health management, ZirMed’s platform enables healthcare providers to beasc billing companytter monitor and oversee patient groups.


ZirMed ASC billing company offers a cloud-based clinical performance management and finance platform. With features tailored for ASCs, their software aims to increase population health management, optimize revenue, and streamline workflows.

ZirMed enables ASCs to make data-driven decisions and attain better results by fusing financial and clinical data.

  1. Avemso


  • Specialty in ASC Billing: Avemso markets itself as an authority on revenue cycle management (RCM) systems created especially for ASCs. 
  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management: From the very beginning (patient scheduling and insurance verification) to the very end (claims submission, follow-up, and rejection management), they provide end-to-end RCM and ASC billing services. 
  • Technology and Automation: Avemso makes use of technological advancements such as electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing, real-time eligibility checking, and automated claim scrubbing.
  • Coding and Compliance Expertise: Their staff is well-versed in medical coding and compliance guidelines. This guarantees the timely submission of accurate claims, reducing the likelihood of denials and optimizing ASC reimbursements. 


With a specific focus on ASCs in the US, Avemso offers comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions. They manage the complete revenue cycle, from pre-authorization to payment collection, using a holistic approach. 

Avemso seeks to maximize revenue for ASC healthcare providers by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and using technology and automation. The medical coding and compliance experience of their staff guarantees accurate claim submission, maximizing ASC reimbursements. 

Furthermore, Avemso offers useful analytics and reporting tools that enable ASCs to better understand their financial performance and make data-driven decisions for increased revenue. 

  1. Pharos

ASC billing companies


Cloud-Based Platform: Pharos provides an ambulatory billing and practice management system that is cloud-based. It allows access from any location with an internet connection.

Scalability and Flexibility: Their platform is made to be flexible and scalable in order to meet the expanding requirements of ASCs. 

Customizable Workflows: Pharos asc billing services can be customized to meet the unique requirements and tastes of your facility. This guarantees a billing procedure that is efficient and in line with specific ASC practices.


Pharos’ platform offers scalability and flexibility, allowing ASCs to adapt the system to their specific needs. They also emphasize real-time reporting and analytics, empowering ASCs to make informed financial decisions. 

Additionally, the integration of patient engagement tools can potentially enhance communication and convenience for patients. This close relationship with patients contributes to efficient billing.

  1. PracticeWorks

Location: Englewood, Colorado, USA

Working since: 1997


Integrated EHR and Practice Management: PracticeWorks is an ASC billing company that provides a fully integrated practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system. This integration enhances data accuracy and expedites workflows in the billing process.

Cloud-Based Platform: Their platform does not require on-site software installations because it is cloud-based, making it accessible from any location with an internet connection.

Automation Features: To simplify a variety of billing tasks, including claim scrubbing, coding, and submission, PracticeWorks integrates automation tools. This can reduce billing mistakes and boost productivity.


PracticeWorks provides a complete solution that combines practice management tools and electronic health records (EHR) for medical practices in the United States.

PracticeWorks may also come with patient engagement tools to improve patient convenience and communication. They aim to optimize ASC practice management and streamline billing procedures through the integration of multiple RCM functionalities.

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    Choose The Right ASC Billing Services

    Today when you have a lot of options, finding perfect ASC billing services is crucial because it directly impacts your revenue collection. To make your work easier we have provided a list of some alternatives to consider for your billing.

    However, it is essential to conduct information analysis from your side as well and find the company that provides the most favorable set of ambulatory billing services.

    Remember that your goal should be to hire a reliable company at an average cost. Don’t go for cheap services as you never know what outdated tactics they might be using. 

    Ultimately, in order to generate more revenue you have to spend more but it is obviously less than what you will get in return. Good deal right?

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