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Overview Of The AAPC Coder Certification Exam

AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) is an institute that produces medical coders and helps them make their careers in the revenue cycle management industry. This academy offers an AAPC coder certification which you can take to kick-start your career in medical coding and earn a handsome income.

Salient Features Of An AAPC Coder Exam

Here is the overview of the examination conducted by AAPC so that you can comprehend and have an idea of the level of difficulty of the test.

  1. Format

The test consists of all MCQs, which is much simpler to pass and achieve good overall.

Uncover the courses offered by AAPC. All it takes is a press of the button.

  1. Online Or Offline

AAPC offers the option to choose whether you are suitable for a physical examination or do you want to take a test in a remote setting at your place.

  1. Time

The AAPC coder certification test lasts about 4 hours and is required to be completed in one sitting. No need to prepare again and again.

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  1. Camera

For remote exam takers, it is a crucial demand to have a camera showing face, hands, keyboards, and other surroundings. It is also necessary to have a stable internet connection to avoid any trouble. 

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    1. Fees

    AAPC coder examination requires a fee of $399 for the first attempt. If you fail to pass on the first attempt, AAPC also offers to take the second attempt but you have to pay $499 collectively. However, don’t worry about this amount as around 80% of students pass the test on only the first attempt.

    With the help of these attributes of the AAPC certification test, you must start preparing for the exam. Since, a career in medical coding can get you much more rewards than you think.

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